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Unmanned Aerial Services

Tech3 uses drones and state of the art 3D reconstruction software to create 3D models of structures that are extremely accurate. Using hundreds or even thousands of pictures, we are able to create realistic renders of almost anything. With these pictures, we create models for applications such as fluid simulation, air flow simulation, structural time lapses, volumetric calculations, and much more. With model accuracy as close as 2cm, we are able to recreate structures with a level of detail that can also be used in virtual reality applications and guided tours.

3D Printing

Tech3 began using 3D printing as an add on to our use of drone technology. By using state of the art 3D printing technology, we are able to take drone data and create 3D models that can then be printed to scale. With high accuracy, we are able to use the data to create lifelike reconstructions of buildings and objects.


Using images that we gather with the drone enables Tech3 to create 3D renders (models) of the drones surroundings. The models can then be used for virtual reality, fluid simulation, structural evaluation, and many other applications. Combining this with geotags (GPS data) provides us the capability to continuously improve flight paths and planning.

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